Irn Bru Xmas advert: The Snowman

I see a lot of adverts. I watch loads of films through Filmstalker, and see loads of television as I either write or watch more movies. So I end up seeing a lot of adverts, and some of them are really interesting, some are mini films, and some are just awful…well most are.

Yet there are some gems out there, after all some of our best film talents came from the advertisement world, the Scott brothers did. One of the gems we just saw tonight for the first time ever, from a company who are well renowned for giving us superb adverts. Irn Bru.

To begin with you’re really unsure what’s going on. You’re watching the animated Snowman with a young boy singing those amazingly high lines, but something doesn’t click right. I think it was the second or third line that I didn’t quite catch, but it didn’t ring true…”My chilly snowman mate said that he would like some too…”

The next major clue is that boy flying with the snowman was sipping from an Irn Bru can…and yet I still didn’t click that this was an Irn Bru advert, because they start flying around major Scottish landmarks.

Okay, now I was confused…but then the boy starts singing about how the Snowman just isn’t going to get hold of his Irn Bru and starts teasing him about the Irn Bru. As they flew over Glasgow’s George Square he teases him just a bit too much, there’s then this moment where the Snowman style animation looks at the boy who sports a concerned face and the Snowman who sports a slightly evil grin.

“…I wonder where I’m going to land, he nicked my Irn Bru and let go of my hand…”, and the poor boy is dropped from the heavens as the Snowman grabs the Irn Bru can, pulls off his carrot nose and necks it, leaving the poor singing soprano to fall into the snow in the streets of Glasgow.

That’s inspired, an absolute superb advert that has us both laughing like mad. A very clever advert, and it’s probably a shame that you won’t see it in England…although I hope you do, it’s a cracker.

If you want to see it for yourself, you can see it on the Irn Bru site, or here it is embedded below:

5 comments on “Irn Bru Xmas advert: The Snowman”

  1. Simone Reply

    Ahhhhh… I enjoyed that one too.

    I started drinking Irn-Bru having heard it from Jayne (remember her from FS Rich?) tried it and loved it since.

    By the way, have a great Sunday pal! ;D

  2. Richard Brunton Reply

    Yes I do, and well done on catching the advert…I have loads more to write about on this topic so there will be much more to come. My site has been quiet for two reasons, Filmstalker and…well…reasons I really shouldn’t talk about in public until certain matters are resolved.

    There will be more though!

  3. Louise Reply

    I just saw the advert in the middle of the football. Very funny. Irn Bru always have good adverts, and let’s face it the drink itself is good for the morning after.

  4. pablo Reply

    Now thats advertising. Once again the Irn-Bru commercial doesn’t fail to deliver.

    Raul is still one of my role models and maybe one day i will be just as suave.

  5. Lee Reply

    Just seen it tonight, head down on the laptop, initially thought “here we go, Aled Jones wheeled out for Christmas again, where’s Delboy & Rodders???” but soon got the slap that was the realisation it wasnae Aled.

    Can’t wait for it to be on again to get the full effect.

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