It’s my birthday today

Well it’s my birthday today, and I’m the tender age of 36…oops, I really mis-typed that the first time and it came out 63, well sometimes I feel like that and this month I do. It’s really not been a good month for some reasons I can’t talk about just now, although in the future everything will be revealed, once I’ve gotten over things.

Today however it meant waking to bacon and egg rolls and a fresh pot of coffee, and presents to unwrap. Finally it is starting to feel like my birthday.

Now these are in no particular order I got a very intriguing bottle of blended whisky which is made by three guys who used to be distillers, some yummy Green and Black chocolates, the Jarhead DVD, a cool top, a funny coffee mat, some relaxing oils and scents, a CD from a band I’ve never heard of before and have a film connection, and I’m about to go and collect another one, Rainbow Six: Las Vegas for the XBox 360.

This afternoon I’m being whisked away for an evening meal and a stay over somewhere – I have no idea where – the saddest, or perhaps the greatest thing, is that my partner has found somewhere that has wifi, so that I can take my laptop and do some stories in the morning. How cool is that?

It’s perhaps sad to some that I’d do that, but I think it’s wonderful that she knows me so well and is so amazingly accomodating! Gotta love her.

Well I’m hoping to start posting more on my own site in the coming weeks as this is like a relief for me, although in a way it’s also caused a lot of my recent problems and why I’ve been quite quiet, however I’m coming back and that’s that.

Many thanks to those who gave me gifts, and also thanks to those who have sent birthday greetings. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive through the last few weeks, my Mum and Dad for having me, to…Okay, shut up! I’m off to get my game in this crazy weather we’re having – it was bright sunshine one minute now it’s almost pitch black and driving rain.

7 comments on “It’s my birthday today”

  1. Simone Reply

    36 is a good age, I am turning 37 in several months and I am dreading it.

    Talk about a supportive partner there Richard! Do tell us where you went for a meal, and like I said when I sent you that SMS, leave Filmstalker and just enjoy this much deserved break!

  2. Simone Reply

    Yeah! You still owe me the photos from your holiday in Canada! Opppsss! HAHAHAHA

    Would love to see your photos, keep the flame of love burning you two!

  3. pablo Reply

    Oh dead, i have forgotten again. many happy returns, until next year when i forget again!

  4. pablo Reply


    Its “oh dear!”, looks like i will have to buy a diary and start making an effort.

    I could also use the diary to remind myself to change my socks. 🙂

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