…an online gaming profile

I like the gaming profile you get with the XBox 360 and the ability to build up points, but you know it would be even better if they added a few features and expanded functionality.

I’d like to be able to…

…upload my own photo to my profile page.

…see instantly the games someone has, the last played dates and how often they’ve played, and for those games that I also have to be highlighted showing me which games I could play with them online.

…set the style of play for a certain game, so that people know I do not play Call of Duty or Rainbow Six by running around like Quake, and instead play it as per the game setting dictates, i.e. for real.

…see the matching of style of plays against other players.

…decent rewards for achievements. Some games give out next to nothing, whereas others are quite good.

What I really would love to see, and never will, would be cross system linking for the profile. That meaning it would record my games and results for my PS3, XBox 360, PC, Wii, etc all under one gamertag. That’ll never happen of course, but it would be great.

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