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You may notice some things look a little wonky on the site at the moment, well that’s because not only did I upgrade from 3.2 to 3.34, but I decided to refresh and update the templates that go along with the site. That’s where I went wrong.

It’s proven a nightmare to get to where I am now, and there are still a number of issues. TypeKey isn’t working at all and I have no idea why, OpenID has stopped working, ditto on the idea front there, and I’ve only done the stylesheet, Main Index and here I am stuck on the Individual Entry Archive.

Stick with me and I’ll get things going as soon as I can. In the meantime I’ve moved the three feed choices (Atom, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0) into one and created a new feed through feedburner, so please make the change to the new feed [].

10 comments on “Site update – New Feed and updated design”

  1. Screen Rant Reply

    Upgrades are ALWAYS scary and can turn out to be a major pain. I had quite a time upgrading to the latest version of MT.


  2. Reply

    This is a test. Apparently the TypeKey is now working, which I will try next, this is an OpenID test.

  3. Richard Reply

    Okay, now a TypeKey comment.

    Interestingly none of the fields in the comment form disappear or populate from TypeKey or OpenID…still.

  4. Reply

    Okay things are looking a bit better, although there are still some problems.

    The stupid comments boxes don’t resize, I’m still working on a whole front page redesign, and there are a few CSS issues to sort out like blockquotes and such.

    Apart from that it’s all working!

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