…third party software

Wouldn’t it be great if every supplier of software no matter how large or small provided a single Internet feed for it, whether it be Atom, RSS or some other standardised XML. Then it would be so easy to keep a track of any software updates for your computer by just adding them all to your feed reader.

Better still, if the content was standardised with title, version number, date, and release information, surely those feeds could be pulled into a single, simple local application that just checked them on startup and notified you of updates in the background. Selecting the update would show you the details, and download then installation should be an automated click away.

Then I could track all my installed software through one single application, whether it be Opera web browser to my Weather Watcher. This would be so much easier than having all these separate update programs trying to run at Windows or application startup or even worse running all the time, and all of them constantly checking the Internet for updates.

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