Formula 1 2007 season preview and more writing

My first story has appeared on Bits of News about the coming Formula 1 season.

I’m going to be doing a bit of writing over there too, some Formula 1, some general stuff. As an example my next write up is hopefully going to be on the recent climate change report, so hopefully that will spark a lot of debate.

In the meantime, please do have a look at the F1 season preview over at Bits of News, and do feel free to hit the Submit to: button at the bottom of the article and vote for it on some of the top bookmarking sites!

The review looks at the teams, cars, drivers, even the test drivers for the coming season, as well as the race schedule and some of the changes from last year. It’s pretty comprehensive if I do say so myself.

3 comments on “Formula 1 2007 season preview and more writing”

  1. Simone Reply

    Kudos Richard. I’ve got one word to describe you mate – indefatigable.

    I’ve added Bits of News to my feed.

  2. Reply

    I have a few words. Tired, sore fingers, sore eyes, sore bum…Too much time in front of the keyboard!

  3. pablo Reply

    Awesome stuff Richard. I really enjoy filmstalker and now your writing will expand to other areas.

    Keep us posted and i will read as much of what you can write.

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