The Wedding planning…venue or date?

I proposed some time ago to my girlfriend and since then there’s been a continuing trend of questions about the wedding, mostly about the date, and here’s where the wedding journey begins, and we seem to hit an impass.

I think we should chose the venue before the date, and my fianceé thinks we should have the date before the venue. She wants a date to tell everyone and work to, mainly because everyone asks about a date and seems to place the most importance on it, and I want the venue that we both love before setting a date.

So what’s best?

In my mind I want to find the place for the wedding as during the day the most important things are going to be how well you and your guests are looked after, the drink, the food, and the accomodation, and perhaps not in that order either.

If we head off and choose a date my fear is that we’re forced to find somewhere we both love before we run out of time, and what happens if we don’t? Well we have a date so we’ll just have to grab somewhere that will take us. Okay, I’m being a little melodramatic there, but it could so easily happen, especially the rate we’re going through venues.

So in my head I have it that my fianceé looks at places with her bridesmaid and mother and finds a place she loves, and then I’ll come across with my practical head and thing about photo locations, staff, accomodation, costs, all those things, and if they pass both tests then we have our place. Then it’s simply looking at their bookings, adding our name in and getting on with the rest.

I really am concerned about trying to find the right place before a specific date, because we might just not find it.

So far there have been a few possibles. Royal Terrace Hotel in Edinburgh and Airth Castle not far from Stirling, both very different choices, and in an hours time I’m off to see B Hall which my fiancee has already visited.

I’ll give you a little of the pros and cons of each of the places we’ve seen in other posts, but for now I’ll leave you to consider. Date or venue?

5 comments on “The Wedding planning…venue or date?”

  1. Louise Reply

    I would say pick the venue then the date. After all it’s the venue which is most important. My brother was married last year and once they’d seen the venue they picked the date that it was free. It might mean you have to wait longer than you’d hoped to get married, but at least you’ll have an amazing venue to enjoy on the day. I guess by picking a date first you’ll have less choice on the venue, that might mean not getting the place you want. It was a long wait for my brothers but it was an amazing day, even the sun was out.

    P.S. Don’t tell Z I said any of that!

  2. Oana Reply

    Depends on how long into the future you are planning! We picked the date first, and it was almost 2 years away so we had our pick of venues.

  3. Simone Reply

    Hmmmm…it’s funny but maybe just like Z, I have already set a date I want to get married and I am not even engaged, no wonder it hasnt happened yet! I guess it’s a woman thing although I can see Louise taking the practical side of it by choosing the venue first.

    So as much as the date can mean something memorable for both of you and Z, picking a venue that will accomodate all your requirements is the best way to go.

    Do keep us updated on the different choices!

  4. Lee Reply

    Venue, date to suit.

    So everyone’s asking about a date? Bollocks to them all, it’s what you two want that matters. Do you really want to set a date to suit everyone else and put up with a venue you don’t like? Or get a venue you like and tell folk in good time?

  5. Colleen Scott Reply

    Venue Venue Venue. Never heard anyone reminisce about a wedding date – Ahhh, 28th July 2008 was such a great day…. but they will say that Richard and Z’s wedding at blah blah venue was brilliant. Actually the most important thing in a wedding is the band. People always remember the band!!!

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