Venue 1: The Royal Terrace Hotel

Royal Terrace Hotel has one thing that has so far tainted every other place we’ve been too, Blythe. She’s the lady who’d be looking after our wedding for us and we really liked her. She was lovely, open to any suggestions – even bangers and mash for the wedding meal – and was extra accommodating. We could do anything we wanted and she could organise it, or we could do it jointly, anything at all.

Don’t panic parents, the bangers and mash was just a joke. Although there might be something of that ilk at the buffet!

What is also going for the Hotel is that it has some superb gardens out the back, just like Edinburgh town gardens, which are all joined together in one. They’ve even had a Bedouin tent out there for the wedding meal. There are some great spots for photos too.

The suite we could have for our wedding night has a centre bathroom, it’s all glass with blinds obviously, and it does look wonderful. So the evening stay would be great.

However, and there is a however, it’s a hotel and nothing spectacular in the other rooms we’d be using. It’s also very near the centre of Edinburgh and that brings with it pros and cons.

It’s very handy to get to and from, but then it doesn’t have that feeling of being somewhere away from home.

This one is a difficult one because it does have so many great things going for it, and the things that aren’t so great aren’t really deal breakers. It is a lovely location and a lovely hotel, and what I keep coming back to is the excellent wedding coordinator we would have.

More venues to come.

4 comments on “Venue 1: The Royal Terrace Hotel”

  1. pablo Reply

    An obvious statement and something you probably have thought of, but:

    The wedding day is for Richard and Zoe, its your day. No disrespect to anybody’s parents or friends. But you guys must be 100% selfish, don’t invite people you don’t want to, don’t invite too many, you won’t be able to get around and talk to them, and don’t choose something because you “think” it will please other people.

    Richard and Zoe will have a special day at a location that suits them.

    There is no way in hell you can please everyone, so don’t even try to. Just make sure you guys are happy and i guarentee that the people that count will see that and be happy and enjoy themselves as well.

    PS. if i get invited i want to sit near the bar. Or better yet, i can be the barman. I am australian after all.

  2. Patrick Reply

    We really liked the Hub, which is where we had our reception. It is a great place – I’d add it to your list! Plus it is just up the hill from the registry office, if you are having a civil (rather church) ceremony.

    The Assembly Rooms was pretty poor; and I really can’t remember where else we looked!

  3. Lee Reply

    Strangely, I find myself in total agreement with Pablo. Hence the comment on the date or bvenue first post – Bollocks to everyone else, it’s YOUR decision.

  4. Reply

    Totally agree though, we are the main ones and that’s the way we’re looking at it.

    Thanks Patrick, we’ll have a wee look at the Hub. Well, once I talk with the boss anyway!

    Three locations this weekend!

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