Wedding plans leap forward

I haven’t really been blogging about the wedding as much as I thought I would have been, that’s mainly down to the heavy hit my blogging has taken from two separate sources, one of which I will write all about later this week – you should definitely read that one, it has a huge impact on the rights of bloggers.

However I hope to change a lot of that, especially as the wedding plans have taken a huge leap forward. We’ve done quite a bit since we began searching for venues.

Actually, we’ve chosen the venue, Gean House in Alloa. It’s a lovely place inside and we get exclusive use for an extremely reasonable price, that means we’ll have more rooms than we know what to do with and can make as much noise as we want until as late as we want. Not only that but it has a lodge on the grounds for a bunch of guests to stay in as well as the bedrooms in the main building.

It really is a great venue, and so we booked it and set the date.

My outfit is bought and is sitting in my cupboard. My fiancée bought me a kilt outfit, that’s kilt, sporran, hose, socks, sgian dubh, jacket and waistcoat. She also bought shoes, but they just weren’t fitting so I went back and tried on a number of different pairs ending up with a £140 pair! Honestly they were the only ones that fitted, but they fitted wonderfully. The kilt is a black one but with a weave through it, and it looks a corker.

The wedding dress has been a tough experience I’m told. My fiancée was getting slightly fed up of not seeing something and being bowled over, instead she’d seen so many dresses she was utterly confused and frustrated.

Luckily there’s been one she keeps going back to and has made a big impression on the bridesmaid and bride’s mother, so in a surprise move she bought it today.

That’s now venue and both outfits bought. So yesterday we went out for a meal and some drinks to work out our task list. We ended up with a very comprehensive to do list and have started on some other things too.

We’ve been listening to CD’s and searching the Internet for entertainment. Now we are going for something rather different, and that’s proving not so easy to find, still we’re making progress and have a couple of people short listed.

With the entertainment not being for the whole evening, we’re considering copying a wedding we were at for a couple of friends N&R, where they played MP3’s instead of a Disco. Now I’m considering a few playlists on the Walkman and plugging that into some serious speakers and letting that take care of the disco, but I’d just be a bit concerned about the mix of music.

What else? Well we’ve started planning the honeymoon which will see us going to San Francisco and Las Vegas with the coolest point of the trip being the hiring of some muscle/sports car to drive through Yosemite and Death Valley.

Oh and we’ve also got a guest list made up which I think is about there. We’ve also been working on the stag and hen lists and I’m actually looking into things to do for my stag weekend…so far it’s going to involve a lot of speed…

Next is photographer and entertainment, and at the same time we’re looking into preparing a few different things for the day…more on that later.

All in all I think we’re moving along quite well, nine months to go. To the wedding that is! There’s no surprise announcement to be made!

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  1. Louise Reply

    Sounds like you’re getting there! The honeymoon sounds amazing, any ideas on what car yet?

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