XBox 360 returns after rings of death

I had been having a few problems with my Xbox 360 for a month or so, now and again it would freeze in the middle of a game. The first time it started happening it was always the same level in multiplayer Rainbow Six: Las Vegas, so we put it down to that level. Once we’d cleared it the X360 was working fine.

A while after that though, probably a month, it started freezing on the new game I’d bought, Forza Motorsport 2. Then things went from bad to worse.

Here’s the excerpt from my support request made on Saturday the 14th of July to explain the rest.

I bought Forza Motorsport 2 and found that there were lockups happening straight away during the game. I reviewed online support and tried creating new profiles, etc. Eventually I deleted the FM2 saved game and restarted, it was fine.

A few sessions later the problem came back. I switched to playing PGR3 and it started freezing there too.

Today, after a week on holiday with all the equipment unplugged, the machine locked on the 360 menus while I was browsing the live marketplace.

After a restart it locked at the X logo on startup, and after another restart I received three red rings of death. I’ve tried multiple restarts but it will not show anything but the three red rings.

The power supply is showing green whenever the 360 is physically powered on.

So I had fallen fowl of the infamous three rings of death. Well not me, but the X360!

On the 17th of July, that’s the Tuesday, I received a standard email directing me to various solution documents on Microsoft’s site. These were questions I’d already answered in the email and gone through, still I did them the courtesy.

Strangely everything still failed and it pointed me to the support number. I called them and went through a procedure of re-registering my X360 (I swear I had already done this when I first bought it) and running through the same checks, again.

Yes, it’s still dead, it’s still the three red rings, and it’s still a hardware failure.

The instructions were to remove everything from the X360, faceplate and hard drive included, then package it in a box that isn’t the one I received it in – this is because it will be sent back in another box – and I have thirty days to send it to Microsoft.

From there I will have a maximum of twenty five working days before I could get it back. That’s five weeks, over a month! Microsoft must be backlogged I thought.

So I sent it away, I think it was on the 6th of August, I know, I was busy.

Then on the 23rd of August UPS attempted to deliver a package to my flat and left a note. There was no flat number on the package so they needed me to write it on the note and leave that at the front door so they can attempt redelivery. Why don’t couriers try something new?

Well I wasn’t going to advertise when I was out of my flat on the front door of the building and so on the 24th they attempted to deliver the package again and left an identical note and said they would try again Monday the 27th.

Thankfully I was in and the X360 arrived. I hooked it up a few hours ago, entered all the settings again and downloaded a bunch of demo’s. A quick game test and I’m happy, it’s home, fixed, and quicker than the five weeks they said it might take.

Now for the time to actually play anything!

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  1. gavin Ross Reply

    Put it in the bin and go and do something more creative instead. You’ll feel beter for it.

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