Braid Hills Hotel Bistro

We’d heard good things about this place, and with it being nearby and my parents down for the weekend, we thought we might give it a go. Now though I wish we hadn’t.

The location looks great, and when we walked in it looked like it might be a nice place. The first sign that things might be a bit wrong was when we were pointed to our table across the other side of the room by one of the serving staff who remained behind the bar.

Let’s see what was ordered by the four of us around the table:

Garlic Mushrooms
Deep Fried Bree

Haddock and Chips
Canadian Burger and Chips
Sausage and Mash

The Garlic Mushrooms came and were just as they promised, mushrooms cooked in a soup like sauce. My Mum was surprised to find that the mushrooms weren’t cooked in any batter and were just sliced and cooked. My Dad did enjoy finishing them off though.

As for the Deep Fried Bree, all three of us agreed that it was undercooked. A small sliver of it was melted enough to pour out when cut, the rest had the consistency of goats cheese and although it was warm it wasn’t actually runny.

The Canadian Burger was good, it was well cooked and had a charcoal look to it, but it was really enjoyed, as were the fish which were lovely and moist.

However the chips were a bit unhappy, overly salty and dry, they were chips and nothing more.

The biggest disappointment, and the one that really annoyed me, was the most simplest of dishes, Sausage and Mash.

We were astounded when I saw the sausages, they were the standard supermarket type pork sausages, and they were the extra thin type. What’s more they were over cooked with the outside being too crispy and burnt.

The gravy was burnt too and had a thick oily consistency, even afterwards you could pools of oil sitting around the gravy left on the plate. I’m not exaggerating, there was loads of it.

The mash, the cheapest and easiest thing to make, was okay but was in short supply. Compared to the full plates of the other two mains, this really did look like a starter.

Very disappointing, and when I told the gentleman serving us that it wasn’t that good and we didn’t want to even try pudding, there was no question other than offering the bill, a bill which never appeared.

The one and only visit to Braid Hills Hotel, and we’re glad we didn’t pick it for our wedding venue, oh yes, it was on the consideration list.

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