Halo music video reveals perils of gaming

Okay I spend too much time indoors and especially in front of the computer, I know that, and when a videogame comes along that I love playing I tend to get hooked into that and sit there for ages playing.

That said I do make a concerted effort not to play for hours while my partner gets bored senseless. Sure when I was single I’ve seen myself playing for hours straight, and I mean all day and night, but that didn’t happen very often.

However some Halo fans seem to think it will, and these bunch have even created a music video warning about the perils of playing Halo 3 too much and ignoring your girlfriend. Be warned. This is Halo Nights.

I loved that line, “snipers got crosshairs on your sac”, and the playing montage is very telling…Toilet breaks are the most annoying thing when you’re in the middle of a firefight.

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