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It’s clear out time at the Brunton house, so before I try getting rid of this stuff on Facebook, ebay, and then the local charity store, I thought I’d give first crack at it on my site. There’s more to come in the guise of computer equipment, tons of videos, and perhaps a few vinyls too.

Interested in any? Just drop me a note or comment with an offer, comments don’t appear straight away on my site so no one else will see them unless you’re a trusted commenter, in which case you’ll know my email address anyway! I’ve yet to work out how much I’m going to ask for things or postage so fire away.

JuicerKenwood Chrome Juicer

1Kg container, boxed

Reason for sale: No worktop space

D:21cm W:25cm H:31cm

Champagne Flutes (Boxed) Photo 1/2Champagne Flutes (out of box) Photo 2/2Hand made champagne glasses set

Six coloured stemmed champagne flutes in glass vase, boxed

Reason for sale: House move and no longer used

W:25cn D:18cm H:46cm

Cordless PhoneBinatone Activity 2000 Digital Cordless Phone and Answering Machine

Phone, base and power unit

Digital Answering Machine, Caller Display, Handsfree, Speaker Phone, boxed

Reason for sale: Upgraded

W:26cm D:17cm H:10cm

CandlestickBlack Candle Stick/Stand

Reason for sale: House move

H:77cm W:28cm D28:cm

SodastreamSoda Stream “Fizz-Online”

2 bottles, with gas cannister, boxed

Reason for sale: No worktop space

W:20cm D:20cm H:43cm

XBoxXBox, 4 controllers, HD connection pack and 14 games

HD connection pack allows for S-video, component and digital connections, all gold connectors

Pack includes: 2xRGB cables, 2xSCART converters, Xbox-RGB converter, requires S-Video lead and optical cable

Games: Colin McRae 2005, Madden NFL 2005, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Tiger Woods 2005, Rainbow Six: Lockdown, TOCA Race Driver 2, Chronicles of Riddick, Kung Fu Chaos, Project Gotham Racing, Far Cry: Instincts

Reason for sale: Bought an Xbox 360 and PS3!

Epson PrinterEpson Stylus Photo 750

Photo quality inkjet printer

Power and USB Cable, manuals and paper pack. No cartridges, will need clean as has been unused for some time

Reason for sale: All photo printing now done through online services

O2 X1O2 X1 Mobile Phone

Cellophane still on screen! Charger, stereo handsfree, manual,SMS, MMS, photos, adjustable camera, WAP, calendar, tasks, alarm, calculator, games, vibration, chat, boxed

Reason for sale: Upgraded

W:15cm H:21cm D:17cm

Nokia3310Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone


Reason for sale: Upgraded

iPaq Keyboard Photo 2/2iPaq Keyboard Open Photo 1/2Compaq iPaq Portable Keyboard

Targus Stowaway P/N PA840

Reason for sale: No longer have iPaq

W:9cm D:13cm H:2cm

Saddle BagBike Saddle Bag

Medium wedge, quick release, splash proof, waterproof cover, expandable, still in original packaging, never used

Reason for sale: Bought wrong size for bike

W:11cm D:9cm H:16cm

MiniDisc RecorderSony Portable MiniDisc Recorder MZ-R30

Manual, case, charger, backup battery pack, headphones with controls, boxed

Reason for sale: Upgraded to Net Walkman

W:24cm D:15cm H:8cm

OrangeSPVE200.jpgOrange SPV E200 Mobile Smarphone Chrome/Black

Manual, USB sync cable, software CD-Rom, desktop charger

Email, calendar, camera (video and photo), SMS, Email, MMS, internet, Internet Explorer, voice recorder, MSN Messenger, Windows Media Player, Bluetooth, infra-red, tasks, tune composer, alarm, games, vibration, etc…, boxed

Reason for sale: Upgraded

ToshibaTV Front Photo 1/2Toshiba TV Back  Photo 2/2Toshiba 32MW7DB 100Hz Widescreen Television with Teletext and stand

5-6 years old, excellent condition. Purchased with months of research for a lasting home cinema so it’s an excellent TV.

Rear: 3xSCART, 1xS-video, 1xOptical out, 1xCoaxial out, 1xPhono out

Front: 1xComponent 1xS-Video

NTSC compatible, 100Hz Widescreen, Teletext, Remote Control, Smoked glass fronted stand all in black, 2xRear speakers are also available

Reason for sale: Upgraded to LCD

H:103cm W:92cm D59cm

PortableDVDPlayerGoodmans X-Pro Portable DVD Player

Ultraslim 8.4″ LCD Widescreen, 30mm thick, 20 Second antishock, 2×2.5 hour rechargeable battery packs, Built in stereo speakers, headphone socket, carrying bag, car charger, credit card size remote control, mains adapter, TV connector cables, boxed, never used

Reason for sale: Don’t need

W:28cm H:20cm D:15cm

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  1. danae Reply

    It looks like you’re about a year ahead of the Knickers household – we’ve got three or four of those items, and are trying to upgrade them ourselves!

  2. pablo Reply

    Shouldn’t you have a sale AFTER you receive the unwanted wedding presents. 🙂

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