FIA continues to destroy F1 competition

It’s really not hard now to go looking for disparities in the obviously messed up and heavily tainted world of Formula 1, that tarnished trophy that the FIA is trying to lift up is is looking worse for wear, the FIA have dropped it once again.

Once again they are going after McLaren on two separate counts, on issues where they’ve let Ferrari off in much more important race circumstances.

It really is showing that the FIA are more intent on retaining the Ferrari fan base than Formula 1 fans, and in the process they’re killing the sport.

The latest action of the FIA are shockingly ridiculous and again show without question the biased nature of the FIA.

The first is that the FIA have assigned a monitor to the McLaren team to ensure that there is no bias between drivers during the final race.

What? It’s ridiculous that they are concerned that McLaren aren’t giving both drivers the same attention, what if they didn’t? What if they suddenly decided to favour Lewis Hamilton over the slower, poorer performing, and generally disloyal Fernando Alonso?

Heaven forbid that they decide to have a number one and number two driver, can’t anyone see that a lot of teams run this way? What about Ferrari favouring Michael Schumacher over all the other drivers that he’s had as a second?

Now I’m not talking about on the race track and team orders, I’m talking about the team giving their best to their number one driver, that’s something that Ferrari have done for years, and teams are doing right now, it’s not against the rules, and it’s not something that McLaren should be penalised for right now.

The FIA revealed their reasons, and it’s nothing to do with drivers racing against each other, they want to make sure that the final race is a close call. They’re concerned about keeping viewers by making it as close as possible.

Surely that should be left to the teams and drivers, and why aren’t there monitors with the other teams? Why is it just McLaren and where were they during the years of Michael Schumacher’s obvious favouring over all his team mates?

The second issue is the stewards inquiry into Lewis Hamilton’s practice laps and the fine that followed, all over the incorrect use of tyres.

It turns out that the team put two sets of wet tyres onto Hamilton’s car for practice sessions when they were only allowed one according to the rules. That was it, straight into the stewards and a GB £10,445 fine was imposed.

Now you only have to look a race back to the statement of Charlie Whiting, the FIA Race Director, and the actions of Ferrari:

Charlie Whiting said any car that goes out without extreme wet tyres on will be black flagged.

Every team and every press outlet knew of this before the race.

Ferrari run the first few laps with standard wets.

Ferrari are allowed to pit and replace the tyres without penalty.

Now come on, not only did the race director say that they would be black flagged, but this is during an actual race.

Hamilton’s infringement of the rules came during a practice session which has absolutely no bearing on the race outcome and he’s penalised.

Ferrari break the rules during an actual race after very clear warnings, and they get away with it.

Look, I’m not an out and out McLaren or Hamilton lover, I do think both are great but I’m a huge David Coulthard fan, as well as well as McLaren I do support Honda and Red Bull with equal measure.

So I’m not feeling like a persecuted fan, unless you are talking about Formula 1, real racing, and sport in general, it’s here I’m feeling persecuted and let down.

This continual siding with Ferrari throughout F1 and not just the Ferrari-McLaren rivalry and allowing the team to continually bend the rules both in and out of court, is driving the sport into disrepute.

The FIA have to start being fair across seasons, races, teams and drivers, otherwise they are going to lose Formula 1 and racing fans and be left with an audience of Ferrari fans, and I wonder how long other teams and advertisers will make do with that.

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