Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. This year things have been a bit sporadic on this site, mainly because I’ve been doing so much on Filmstalker, and in 2008 that doesn’t look set to change, in fact things look set to get busier.

Not only is there Filmstalker to do, but I’m getting married in five months, there’s a honeymoon, and I might well be involved in another site start-up as well as doing some more writing on another site.

So yes, it’s looking really busy, and there’s not much in that list about day to day life. Still, better busy than not I guess!

I hope you’re all having a great start to the New Year, and that it’s as happy as mine has been. I wish you great health and happiness for the next year, and if I could wish for anything this year it would be that the people in power, and not just governments, start looking longer term and wider than their own personal beliefs.

That and I win the lottery of course.

Here’s to 2008, and definitely for a few changes on this site.

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