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I’m looking for a new online calendar application and have been using Calendar Hub for some time, while I like it, there are limitations, it’s a bit slow and cumbersome and comes up with a lot of errors when I’m trying to do some basic tasks.

So I started looking around, and although my feature list isn’t that extensive, it’s been difficult to find a functionality match. Google came closest, but incorrect programming on their part might rule them out.

I use Calendar Hub for a number of things, but the most important is storing events and using a feed to pull out via a list of the future events to display on other sites. Simple enough and the application has been doing the job really well.

However with Calendar Hub there have been a number of errors popping up when I’m trying to do various tasks, the performance is slow, and there seems to be no ongoing development of the product.

So, despite it having the functionality I need, I thought it time to move. I checked around and Google Calendar looked like a strong contender.

However on closer inspection there lies a glaring problem with it, the events in a feed are given their created date, not their due date.

So when I type in all my events and check the feed from the Google calendar the first problem is I see them all, not just the future.

Using some obscure help files which were none too helpful and learning as I went, I managed to create a feed that gave me only the future events. The problem then is that all the events appear on the same day, today, the date I entered them. Now that wasn’t right because the events ranged from tomorrow to next year!

After reading through the forums I found that it’s a known issue and that users have been complaining about it for some time, except nobody at Google has fixed it.

So it looks like Google calendar is out of the running. Can anyone suggest an online calendar that’ll allow me to take a feed of future events, one that has the events in due date order that is, or even better one that has Javascript or HTML lists too.

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