Update on the wedding plans

The wedding posts have been sparse for some time (as have all the posts here!), mainly because I’ve just been so busy, but the day is drawing near and things really needs to be done.

So where are we up to? Well let’s do a quick recap, talk about the things still left to do, and look at the part we’re working on right now, the honeymoon.

We can tick off the following items:

Location: Booked

We have a lovely place that’s turned out to be a really good price. When you first walk in you get the impression of a grand old house with fantastic high ceiling, open rooms. Some have wall panelling, some have lovely alcoves with fires, there’s one with a double height room and an overlooking balcony, and some that are modern. Basically, something for everyone. The best thing is the location is all ours and there’s even a house in the grounds with a whole heap of extra bedrooms – perhaps for the rowdy group!

The bedrooms in the location are lovely and each has a little unique dash, the grounds are impressive and if it’s good weather will make for a lovely outdoor wedding with

Guest List:

There have been a few drafts for both day and evening. The location isn’t huge so we’re limited by numbers, so we have to revisit this again for both the day and the evening, but we’re close to the final list. There remains a few issues to resolve, but we’re coping and just about there.


Are bought and sitting waiting to be assembled and printed. Correct that, they’re assembled!

Bride’s Dress:

Bought and waiting to arrive at the shop…so I’m told!

Groom’s Kilt:

Bought and tested!


Asked, accepted, and right now working with the Bride on the hen weekend.

Best Man:

Loosely speaking of course! Asked and accepted – I was tempted to say bought and tested, although he’s not been bought yet since the beer is to come, and he’s not been tested either! No offence Lee, he knows I’m joking.

Hen Weekend:

Will not be just before the wedding, and is being planned right now. Already there are a few cracking ideas as to what to get up to, and I came up with one.

Stag Weekend:

Well my first thought was to go racing, as in single seater racing, but that’s going to prove quite costly and perhaps not everyone will be up for that. Of course that would be on a weekend away as well with some drinking involved afterwards! However I’m not sure I’ll make the numbers too high. I’d prefer a smaller, intimate group, although not that intimate! Suggestions for what to do would be very welcome.


Have met, and even had Xmas dinner together with us, and that seems to have gone well.


We really struggled on this one and what to do, but we’ve booked a singer and a disco separately, and the less said about that the better. Let’s just say it should be loads of fun!

Then there are tons of other things to do as well. There’s the menu’s to taste and decide on, the room arrangements, seating plan, not to mention the guest list to finalise and the invites to send out. There’s also table decorations and dressing of the room, photography to sort out, and a few other burning issues…

According to all the planning diaries we keep seeing, we’re a bit late on a few things, but mainly we’re doing well.

So, to the Honeymoon.

Our plan is San Francisco and then Las Vegas for a few nights with a quick trip to the wine regions outside of San Francisco. My ideal would have been to drive a muscle car to Las Vegas through Death Valley and back up the California coast, but the cost looks ridiculous.

We also want to visit the Grand Canyon and see the usual tourist attractions in San Francisco as well as visit a few not so well trodden places.

I’m using a great site to plan what to see called Tripwiser, and that’s proving really interesting, allowing you to see other people’s trips, where they went and when, photos and their reviews. It’s really helpful and allows you to build your own trip from theirs.

I’d like to know what others think, and if there is anyone passing from San Francisco or has been visiting, what should we be going to see? Oh, and are there any really cheap muscle car hire places over there!

2 comments on “Update on the wedding plans”

  1. Simone Reply

    Hey Richard. I find it amusing that a man like you have no qualms at all with regards to posting anything related to his wedding day, and in every minute detail! Zoe is really blessed to have someone like you in her life.

    Now regarding your queries on where to go in SF, I’ll ask my sister, as she used to live in San Francisco (has since moved to L.A.) so I’ll email it to you then.

  2. weblog.brunton.org.uk Reply

    I’m not sure how to take that first paragraph Simone…is that a comment against the posting?

    I don’t actually think I’ve gone into great detail about the wedding, and for very good reason. That’s just a general update for those in the know.

    Now if I went into details we’d be here all week! Believe me I’d have loved to have written all about the wedding from start to finish, but there are other people to consider who don’t want to have their lives plastered all over the Internet.

    Actually saying that I keep a lot off of the Interflab.

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