American toilets

I have to say I love American toilets. You know the actual toilet itself.

It’s the design, environmental friendliness, ease of cleaning and the quietness of them that I like. Why can’t we have them in the UK?

Now I had perhaps better warn you that this is going to go into a little detail that some might find a little offensive, and for that, I do not apologise.

First of all the bowl area is shallower but wider than the UK counterpart and the water level sits much closer to the top. What you find is that men can’t stand and urinate but have to sit down, and this causes less mess immediately.

However because more water is stored in the upper visible part of the toilet, if the bowl does need cleaning then the flush swirls all that water into a vortex and that seems to self clean.

In the UK toilet there’s much more toilet brush action and it’s much easier to stand and urinate rather than sitting down, i.e. more mess.

So there you go, that’s why I like American toilets, oh and in the public ones you get ready made toilet paper seat cut outs to cover the seat before you sit down.

Why can’t UK toilets be like that?

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