British Airways and Terminal 5

We were concerned before we flew off on our honeymoon that we would be flying out of the new Terminal 5 in London’s Heathrow airport – you know the one with the huge complaints of delays and lost/delayed luggage that had once again shown just how poorly we British can build and implement things.

However the reality was far from our expectations built from the media coverage, and in fact I wondered if we were indeed in Terminal 5 at all.

There were no delays, no more than usual airport security, and perhaps even then I have to say it was less than we experienced leaving Edinburgh Airport.

It seemed as though there was staff galore, a lot of floor walkers at some key points and staff to cover the various helpdesks. Indeed when we went up to three different helpdesks we were seen immediately and didn’t have to wait behind anyone.

Okay, so we were flying about lunchtime on a Monday, but with the media presentation I still expected to see delays. Not so.

There’s a huge array of shops to chose from, and some we did. Yet I was surprised that we had to travel from the main building to get to the satellite area where our San Francisco flight was departing from. It was smaller, but still had good amenities and shops.

All in all it was a great experience, and I’m happy to report we didn’t lose out luggage at all. A great experience…now let’s see what it’s like on the way back as I’m not sure when all the international flights will have moved to the new Terminal.

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  1. Ron Oyston Reply

    Your BLOG still pops up on my ‘my yahoo’ so just a quick message to say congratulations on the wedding and hope you are having a great time.

    Best Regards

    Ron in Dubai

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