Periodic Table Elements Song!

I can’t remember why this popped into my head, but I was sitting with my wife and it just did, so I searched it out and memories of school came flooding back.

The Elements by Tom Lehrer is a song that sings the periodic table of elements, well as many as had been discovered back then in 1959 when the song was written.

So a quick search online and I was rewarded with the song itself. Okay it’s not a perfect graphical representation, but it does show you the table itself. I’d have loved to have seen the complete table with element names being covered as the song went.

Here’s the song with the table being checked off as they are sung:

That’s the Major General’s Song from The Pirates of Penzance by the way. Now Wikipedia also has some information on the song and links to another graphical representation of the song, which is almost as good as it does make some graphical representations of the elements as it goes along, but mostly it just shows the names.

If you know of a better version online with either the whole table represented properly and crossed off or graphical representation of each element as it flies by, then point me in that direction.

In the meantime I’m off to look at the chords and give it a bash!

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  1. patrick Reply

    I heard this just this morning on Radio 4. It is a long time since I had heard it – nd I couldn’t work out why the periodic table is so inherently funny! But it made me laugh a lot.

  2. Reply

    Yeah, it still makes me laugh Patrick – now on your site when you were talking about OpenID not working, did you mean here?

  3. Patrick Reply

    Yes, it was here. I tried my “simple” username, and I expected to be given an option to select the service my username belonged to. Later, I tried username/ (or whatever), and it worked. I was just playing around really – seeing what OpenID was about.

    I must admit I still don’t necessarily see the point of it – the advantages aren’t obvious to me. Also, I am not sure about the security aspects of it – whether it would be possible for someone else to take my username and log in elsewhere as me.

  4. Reply

    Well the main advantage is having one sign on for multiple websites – I mean I have over a hundred sign ons for different sites, obviously not all in use anymore, but they’re all using different sets of sign on details.

    The other advantage I find is creating different information sets about you, at the simplest level you create a public and private one, and at first sign on to a site you can automatically assign which information pool the site has access. This allows you to instantly give all your standard address, email, etc to a site automatically, and if you change them you can change them centrally.

    In reality, as with many cries about Internet and security, it’s probably no more secure than having your own details stored on separate sites or going into a restaurant and handing your credit card over for it to disappear from your view for ten minutes.

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