Irn Bru “If…” Scottish advert

Irn Bru have done it again with another absolutely cracking television advert here in Scotland – possibly in the UK as well, I don’t know where it’s playing.

Anyway the advert does an amazing job of explaining what makes being a Scot as well as capturing the pride you feel to be called Scottish.

Well, it does until it says Irn Bru at the end. The first time I heard it I thought that it was going to be an advert about Scotland and being Scottish, the Irn Bru announcement was a bit of a low down.

That said, the advert is superb and there’s a couple of bits in there that I smile and feel a warmth inside and think, that’s me, that’s what I do.

3 comments on “Irn Bru “If…” Scottish advert”

  1. patrick Reply

    Hi Richard,

    It is a very good advert – I saw it last night in the cinema, and it made me laugh, too!

    BTW I haven’t visited for a while… I am about to trawl back through the last few months’ posts…

  2. Reply

    You’ve not really got that much to get through Patrick!

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