Labour lies about Green Tax

While jets fly back and forth from the UK, US and China for the G8 summit for Gordon Brown and the Labour party, some even empty, motorists here are facing what Labour call a “Green Tax” for their cars.

This is about as much of a Green Tax as their policy of Nuclear power stations is green. Quite bluntly, Labour are lying and this is far removed from anything to do with a green issue.

I am probably a great example. I own a car but cycle to work, that means in the last four of ownership my car has travelled just over 10,500 miles. That’s not even the average yearly mileage of a commuting car.

Except Labour are saying that I’m a polluter, and to raise money for green issues they are going to charge me almost £250 a year extra for owning that car.

Now that’s not starting the engine, that’s not putting a drop of petrol in the engine or emitting a single molecule of emissions, no, that’s simply for having bought a car already.

That’s also important. I bought it four years ago and their message through this so called Green Tax is that I am in the wrong for owning it and I’m being immediately penalised. Are they saying I should sell it and move straight to an biofuel car? Oh no, they’ve killed biofuel the other day. Electric perhaps, and put mammoth strains on coal and nuclear power stations?

What they are saying is that people shouldn’t own cars, at least not ones with big petrol engines…or biofuel.

Whatever the message behind it, they are taxing me for having bought a car, not for the emissions I’m making on the environment, so where’s the green part of that tax, and where’s the money going once they received it? Surely not on public transport to help me give up my car or on researching wind, wave or biofueld options.

This tax does not penalise me for making emissions, in fact it doesn’t matter if I’m doing 30,000 or 3,000 miles a year, the tax is the same.

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  1. Patrick Reply

    Apparently, the rise in the price of petrol has actually started changing people’s behaviour – I saw somewhere (sorry, I can’t remember where!) that drivers are slowing down and driving in a more controlled fashion, and that many car journeys are being rethought.

    So of course, Labour has backtracked on increasing the duty on petrol…

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