Labour two-faced on environmental issues

I can’t believe this Government and what they’re doing right now with their policies, it seems as though one department doesn’t know what the other one’s doing, or saying, even up to the point of the defacto Prime Minister.

The most poignant moment for me came with Channel 4’s cutting commentary of the G8 visit, and all the leaders two faced actions.

It began in earnest for me with the Government shouting about environmental policies and green energy. Fantastic I thought, rather than just saying “one day we out to think about it” or “it’s not ready yet so we’ll go off and ignore it and see if someone can make it better without any funding”, they started actively looking into alternate sources of energy, and this was most prominent with the Biofuel investigation.

Then the report came out yesterday that Biofuel wasn’t viable, and Channel 4 news summarised the failings under three main points:

Biofuels increase food prices

Biofuels increase greenhouse gases

Biofuels increase food shortages

What is going on? After all this time they’ve decided it’s not good enough and are scrapping it, delaying the implementation by three years and hoping someone makes it better? It’s like they want it to fail, as though all these people are trying to find ways to discredit green energy.

I’ve heard it before about wind and wave power – “it doesn’t generate enough to power the country” – so? Surely that’s not a reason not to start using it? I saw a windfarm on the way to Las Vegas that stretched from right to left along the hilly horizon, three to five windmills deep, and it looks spectacular.

Yes I’m sure that doesn’t power the whole of America, but it’s providing some, and that’s removing some load from standard power generation.

So to stop the Biofuel program because of these reasons, saying that food shortages are being caused because farmers are growing crops for Biofuel instead of food is not a reason to stop a Biofuel program. The excuses seemed weak and half hearted.

That means we won’t see Biofuel implemented in the UK for at least three years – leave it to the next Government.

At the same time as the report came out Gordon Brown exits the G8 conference to shout about the food shortages in the world and points out how much we waste at home, £8 on average per household.

So what happens if we don’t waste that food? Does it stay on the supermarket shelves, get rounded up at it’s best before date, and get shipped off to countries with food shortages? No it does not. I know people who work in supermarkets and I can tell you exactly what happens to it.

Reaching the date it will be offered on shelves at reduced prices, if that’s not bought then it gets offered at very cheap prices to staff, and failing that it’s marked and soiled and thrown in bins outside the shop. What tends to happen then are, and believe me this really is happening, people drive up at closing time and scour the bins for bags of perfectly good food which usually hasn’t been spoiled at all.

Why is that helping the starving nations? How exactly is that helping the food shortage? It’s the Government’s laws that are stopping that food from being sent to deserving nations or given to charity, it’s the Government laws that are saying the food should be thrown out for non-starving people to get for free.

In the end it’s our money that’s being wasted each week on food that we throw out, and that money has gone into the economy to keep it going. So where’s the logic in ensuring we don’t waste food at home, we don’t put that money into the economy, and the supermarkets end up throwing that food out for non-starving people to steal? The starving nations are still starving.

Channel 4 news caught this perfectly, showing Gordon Brown talking about food shortages and food wastage at home, and then going back to the G8 summit where they had a six course lunch and an eight course dinner. Sure it was smaller portions, but none of those bloated politicians better have wasted a scrap of food, and if they did I want to see it being shipped off to a starving nation immediately.

Finally Gordon Brown is shouting out about the need for nuclear power plants and that we need at least ten in the country as soon as possible. The project begins without the thought of addressing the huge amount of nuclear waste that the plants will produce and be sitting around for hundreds of years, radioactive, deadly and needing somewhere to be hidden.

The plan is to offer incentives to local councils to house a nuclear dump in their area. Now I wonder how many of those Labour politicians, Brown included, who support the nuclear plan are lobbying their councils to house a dump in their area?

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