My MP defends car owners’ tax

My MP was talking in the Commons yesterday about the Government’s rise in the tax for owning a car and tries to explain it away by saying that this is to persuade the car manufacturers to make efficient cars.

That’s despite the fact that it’s penalising the individual and not for mileage or emissions, but for actually owning the car and never even starting the engine.

Here’s what he said in the Commons yesterday according to TheyWorkForYou

“The crux of the issue is how we encourage people to use less energy and motor manufacturers to produce more efficient cars.”

Wait a minute, what would they care? We’re the ones being penalised and we’re the ones who already have bought and own the cars that we’re being penalised for owning – not for running – so why is that hurting manufacturers?

Oh yes, I know, the next time we go to buy a car we’ll look to a cheaper and more efficient one and that forces manufacturers to make them. Great.

In the meantime the Government are forcing me to throw my old vehicle away or try and sell it to a marketplace that doesn’t want it anymore because it has been devalued overnight.

Do they think that I can just throw away all the money that I saved up for so long to buy the car in the first place and just buy a brand new fuel efficient model rolling off the manufacturer’s production line into the showroom? How much money does the Government think I can waste – obviously a lot with their latest taxes for car ownership, and their instant devaluing of my vehicle.

Doesn’t matter about any of this, or the fact that I have driven 10,500 miles in four years as he goes on to repeat Gordon Brown’s message, from TheyWorkForYou:

“…the majority of motorists benefit or pay no more in vehicle excise duty as a result…”

Dream on Darling.

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