Nuclear dump for Edinburgh? – Labour’s green nuclear

My local MP Alistair Darling looks like he’ll be lobbying for a Nuclear Waste Dump in or around Edinburgh, or at least supporting it if he follows all of the Government’s current policies for nuclear power.

Here’s what he’s been saying about nuclear power, typically falling within the Labour policy.

He said in the Commons yesterday (through TheyWorkForYou):

“I also believe that it is essential to replace our fleet of nuclear power stations.”

So if he’s a firm believer no doubt he’ll be signing up to the Labour Government’s policy of persuading local councils to place nuclear waste dumps in their area, and so does that mean we’re getting one in Edinburgh West?

It goes back to my previous article on Labour’s two-faced view of environmental issues. On one side saying that they need environmentally friendly and renewable energy very quickly, and on the other not pushing forward with them and wanting nuclear power stations instead.

I love how the connection between nuclear power and environmental power in this following comment he made yesterday, again from TheyWorkForYou, and this isn’t a “get at Alistair Darling” article, because these are the things I’m hearing from our Government time and time again:

“One of the biggest threats that our economy and, as I said earlier, just about every other economy in the world faces is the high price of oil. I believe that that should act as an encouragement, a spur, to us to do more to generate our own electricity and to get our energy from non-carbon sources. That is important in terms not only of the environment but of security of supply.”

No, nuclear power is not environmentally friendly, no more than green taxes are for green issues.

Short term solutions and quick fixes without looking at the consequences.

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