Macmillan charity zip slide

On Saturday 16th my brother David went on a charity zip slide off of a stand in Pittodrie Football Club down to the other side of the pitch, it was all to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity that has suddenly become very close to our family since our mother has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer – you can read more about that in the original article.

I went along to capture the event on film so that we could prove to all the people who donated that he’d done it, and when he dropped down he persuaded me to jump just before he went for a second go. So we got photos of that too, and they’re all here as proof.

Before I show you the photo gallery I just have to thank, on behalf of my brother, my mother, the family and of course Macmillan and all the other families this money will go to help, all of the people who donated money for the event. This money does go to make the lives of those suffering from cancer more comfortable and will help provide support for those directly afflicted from the disease and also support for their families. You should feel proud that you’ve done something good.

If you can’t view the above slideshow, or if you’d like to see them at your own speed and at the right sizes, just head over to my Flickr Zip Slide gallery.

So there’s the evidence, we did it. Now David’s talking about some sort of zip slide off of the Forth Road Bridge, while I’m thinking about a round Britain row – oh yes, I really do mean that, but like most things in my life it would be virtual! However it’s not too late to donate to Macmillan even now which you can do over at my brother’s Just Giving site.

To all those who left their name along with their donation, here’s a mention. There are many others though who have either given direct donations or haven’t passed on their details to the public site. To you all we thank you.

“Only heard about this after we got back from holiday” -Brian & Susan (Loughborough)

“Well Done” – Brenda McWilliam

Susan Buglass

“Better Late then never eh??” – Andy K

“Because Richard puts up with me every day (at work). Good luck.” – Audrey Waldie

“Friends of Richard + Zoe – Good luck!” – Dave and Carole Morrow

“It’s usually the players throwing themselves to the ground at Pittodrie!” – Don Henderson

“Friend of Zoe & Richard’s – such a good cause – and rather you than me on the zip slide!” – Ainsley Reid

“Best wishes from the south for a safe landing” – Ann & Jim Pender

“Zoe made us do this!! :)) Only joking, glad to help a good cause.” – Emma Keir (friend of Zoe)

“Do you really have to do this naked?” – The other half (the real boss of the household)

“Good luck David, love to the family.” – Joyce Minkley

“Good Luck” – Tamsyn

“Lots of love to you and the family.” – Sarah & Dave

“Fantastic idea David, can’t wait to see the video footage. Good luck pal!” – Peter and Cathlene Fitt

“Good luck!” – Gwen & Graham

“A very good cause” – Catriona Butler

“Good Luck!” – Suzy Bell

“Want to see the pictures. Good luck.” – Jen Monaghan

“If you need a risk assessment……let me know. Good luck!” – Fred & Pat Fitt

“Good luck Dave” – Peter Roy

“Good luck David!” – David Downie

“Dave remember, don’t look down!” – Alan Hay

“Good luck” – Ayshea Johnston

“I guess Richard is playing the ‘I’m a newly married man’ card. That’s why it is down to you. Good luck!” – Kevin Lincoln

“Good luck David, I’m sure you won’t need the helping hand (push?!) from your brother!” – Caroline Hayman

“Hope you don’t make a mess of the hallowed turf. I can put someone on standby.” – Drew Sloan

“Structural Engineers checking the RDS additional support required. Good luck (and to the stand).” – John/Jan Morgan

“Good luck Dave” – Duncan Fraser

“Good Luck!” – Louise McGregor

“My prayers will be with you and the Brunton family.” – Simone Laberinto

“Good Luck!!! We’ll be there to get photographic evidence and give you a helping hand if you change your mind!” – Richard & Zoe

“All the best mate enjoy your day and lets hope it doesn`t rain it`s for a good cause” – Lee J H Stocks

“All the best. we’ll all be there with water bombs to get you on your way down!!!!” – Greg Donaldson

“Good on ye Dave – hope it’s a dry day and don’t forget to wear underwear!!” – Angela Gordon

“Make sure and wear a Helmet you don’t want your hair getting in your eyes GOOD LUCK” – John Metcalfe

“Great effort for a Great Cause! Good Luck Dave!” – Gavin Levey

“Best of luck mate. Be most impressed if you did this on your company bike!” – Roy Johnston

“Go for it you Hammer” – DJ

“New nickname – Zippy!” – Neil Cumming

“Is this just an excuse to pretend to be tarzan?” – Craig Barry

“Dont forget we have wire cutters in the van in case you want off half way there!!” – Roland George

“Hi Dave, Please make sure the zip slide harness has been tested for heavy weights as we don`t want you to have an accident!! Only joking well done.” – Richard Carr

“What’s the chance of doing it a week later at 3 oclock and taking out Barry Ferguson?” – Euan Harkness

“Zip slide?? If I find out you just pulling your spaver down, instead of risking life and limb down something hideously high………” – Scott Marshall

Just a quick thanks from me to my big brother for pushing me to do the jump, and for going forward for the whole experience in the first place, and obviously, from us both, to our Mum…and Dad…and…wait a minute, it’s not an acceptance speech!!

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