My mother, cancer, and Macmillan

Recently my mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, there are two words you wish you’ll never have to use in your lifetime about anyone you love, and since then both my mother and father have been through so much it’s incredible.

She’s really been through a lot in the past few months, and yet she’s managing to stay extremely positive and she’s just about always managing to raise a smile. Since finding out about the cancer it’s been a tough journey for her.

She was placed on an aggressive Chemotherapy that caused some side affects which meant the treatment had to be stopped. Then came a long period of nothing but painkillers and waiting, and recently we all felt much better when she returned to a different Chemotherapy treatment.

However after the first treatment, just a few weeks ago, she contracted Clostridium Difficile, or as it is also called, c-diff. This is a terrible so called “superbug” that can kill more people than MRSA, and had my Mum in terrible pain and extremely weak. I’ve never seen my mother so ill and it was frightening.

Thankfully she’s out of an extended stay in hospital, and looking forward to another round of Chemotherapy as soon as she fully recovers her strength, consultant willing

She’s being incredibly strong and is getting some amazing support from hospital staff, her doctor, and Macmillan Cancer Support – they are an organisation who provide all kinds of support for cancer patients and their families in the UK, from medical to emotional, and they are being wonderful. They’ve given her so much strength and encouragement I could not thank them enough.

However they need funds, and so my brother is going to leap down a zip slide to raise money for them. He’s powering off Aberdeen Football Club’s stadium roof onto the pitch below, all to raise money for the organisation who are providing such great care for my mum and many others like her.

So if you feel inclined we, and many other families like us, would love it if you would donate to the cause, hopefully your family will never need to see the benefits that this organisation provides, but if they do you’ll be most thankful that they are there.

The Just Giving site where my Brother is accepting donations is secure, and remember if you are a UK taxpayer give your Gift Aid too, no amount is too small. Macmillan, and my family, thank you all very much.

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  1. Angela Morton Reply


    Long time….so so sorry to read about your Mum. Logged into you blog for first time in..years. Wish you and your family every best wish at this so difficult time.



  2. Reply

    Many thanks Angela, great to hear from you, how’s life with you?

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