Scared of employees blogging? Try using them.

What do you do when your employees are blogging? What, you think they aren’t? Even if you don’t have technical people in your employ the chances are that some of them are blogging. Maybe not under their name, perhaps under a pseudonym, and maybe not about your company, but then again, maybe they are.

They might not be blogging solely about your organisation, but you can be sure that one of them has writing something about their working life, and mentioning your company, or perhaps even you.

So what do you do? Punish and threaten them to stop? Leave them be? No, there’s a much better idea and something that will benefit everyone concerned, including your organisation.

Think about it logically for a few moments. If you punish your employees for it they’re going to resent you and you’ll most likely lose the skills and benefits of the resource that you are paying to use. Whether that be through them leaving or not giving you the best of their abilities, after all what incentive is there for them?

The other issue is that bloggers rights are becoming huge right now, particularly in the UK where companies are using wealth to threaten them into submission with the promise of lengthy and costly court cases which would undoubtedly shape the law but leave people backrupt.

With that sort of pressure bloggers are fighting back and their stories are getting recognised by the mainstream media.

So perhaps it’s best not to punish them, why waste all that talent? After all you hired them for their skills, why waste them?

Here’s a better idea, harness them, and use them, exploit their blogging capabilities for your own company.

It’s simple really, get your own technology department to build a blogging system inside your organisation and allow all your employees to blog, whether that be about their own work, their own skills, or something in the real world.

Then appoint a blogging expert who’s business aware and create one external, internet facing employee blog which they manage.

Their role is to monitor the internal employees blogs and select the most interesting ones to be posted on the external site either in complete form or as an editorial piece, obviously openly declared as such.

Now you’re harnessing the talents of the bloggers in your organisation, channelling them away from writing on the internet, and rewarding them for writing. Then the best of their blogging can be harnessed and used for marketing your organisation for drastically reduced costs, to demonstrate the forward thinking of the company, harnessing leading marketing techniques, exploiting your employees talents and skills, and empowering your employees to blog without any of the negative aspects.

2 comments on “Scared of employees blogging? Try using them.”

  1. rhythmaning Reply

    The Scottish Government tries to block all blogs, including those that are useful to people on their work – they use indiscriminate blocking software.

    Strangely, your blog wasn’t blocked!

  2. Reply

    They try and block every blog? That’s a crazy attitude to take. How to cause a huge resentment in your workforce. Definitely not a way to say you trust your employees.

    Your answer is to use a blog aggregator.

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