The era of cheap energy is over…tough luck says government

John Hutton is the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform for the UK, and just yesterday he said “The era of cheap energy is over”, and I couldn’t believe he had the audacity to say that.

After all, what has his government been doing? Sitting on their arses ignoring the situation for the last umpteen years? I’m afraid so.

The arrogance of that statement staggers me, it really does. This comes from a representative of a government who have done next to nothing to implement alternative energy, have effectively killed off biofuels as an option, and have done nothing to invest in alternative sources of energy away from Russia and the Middle East.

They’ve spent money and time reviewing biofuels only to say they aren’t ready, and instead of investing, they’ve dropped the idea like a hot potato.

Instead of pushing for solar panels on all new developments, on funding and relaxed planning regulations on personal wind turbines, and huge wind and wave farms they’ve grabbed onto the typical argument of “it won’t be enough to power all of Britain” so we’re not even going to try, when we could have had wind and wave farms circling the coast of Britain, and massive wind farms across the country.

Instead they’ve taken until now, until the energy prices are through the roof, the British and Russian governments are at loggerheads once again, and our troops are on Middle Eastern soil, to even begin to contemplate what to do next, and that next is to build more nuclear power stations with no idea where to put that radioactive waste, and raise our taxes to stop using fuel.

In fact they haven’t even done that, we have John Hutton arrogantly saying tough, we’re going to have to accept it – only because they haven’t done anything about it.

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