Cadbury’s advertising company out of ideas?

When the two new Cadbury’s adverts first appeared they caused a stir because they were utterly fantastic. The gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins and the airport vehicles getting pimped up and racing each other in the middle of the night on the runway to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, both were crazy ideas that worked wonderfully.

However now they’ve re-released them with exactly the same footage just different musical tracks, and suddenly the originals have been cheapened and you realise there is nothing more to this campaign.

The original gorrilla advert was superb, and I’ve included the extended advert below. Playing to Phil Collins In the Air Tonight, it had bags of style and personality, and the gorilla was memorising. The advert was amazing, and it was the talk of the town after it first appeared.

Then they followed that up with another great idea. Just as the crisis was clearing at Terminal 5 in the UK’s Heathrow airport, this advert suggested that the reason for the delays was clear, the cars had personalities and were playing with each other.

To the sound of Queen Don’t Stop Me Now we watched the pimped up airport vehicles race across the runway toying with each other, and we genuinely felt their joy and excitement. Here’s the cracking advert.

Now both the gorilla and the trucks are back, but the footage is exactly the same, just different music, trying to resell the same adverts with a little makeover.

The gorilla is now playing to Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. It seems that rather than produce something new they’ve decided to just remix what they had – has the advertising company run out of ideas?

At least with the gorilla advert they had a little play around in the editing suite, even if it was to make most of the drumming action fit the new song by slowing it down and some quick cutting, not so with the trucks though.

The exact same trucks advert is back, just with another track over the top, this time it’s Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer.

It’s a shame in a way, the gorilla advert screamed one off special, but then when the airport trucks advert came I really thought that we were going to be shown a series of really cool ideas, not so it seems, instead we have the same adverts recycled, and not very cleverly.

If you watch the gorilla advert you can see some of the drumming out of time, and you’ll notice that the truck advert is identical.

Yes they are clever, but the audience is not dumb. Not only do I feel a little cheated by it all, but it’s also harming how good the originals were. Will we see them released with new songs again, or will we just see another new campaign dropping this cool style and returning to the usual chocolate adverts? Shame, I was keen to see where this was going.

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