Formula 1 pretends to be green

I had to laugh, although I’ve been avoiding Formula 1 after I’ve just lost all hope of fairness in the sport after years of McLaren bashing and Ferrari winning, I’ve heard the news about the attempts at the Japanese Grand Prix to focus the minds of the fans on the environment.

In order to highlight the problem the tyre manufacturer painted the grooves in the tyres green.

Yes, they painted them green. Who knows what paint they used, I wonder if the paint itself was environmentally friendly?

Regardless of that it does make a bit of a mockery of it all, by having part of the tyres green they hope to make us think of environmental issues and yet last Grand Prix they ran at night and had so many floodlights burning around the circuit that it looked just like daytime.

Let’s not even think of the output of all those engines, the flying of cars and teams across the world, and so on, and on.

Well at least they have some nice green grooves on the tyres.

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