England dominates British television

I couldn’t believe what ITV have done tonight, it may seem trivial to those outside Scotland, but it goes to show how the country is treated when it comes to National versus English television.

It seems that while England are served their national team playing football, Scotland can’t see theirs, nor can they see the programme that’s usually on at the same time.

My wife turned the channel to ITV watch Coronation Street this evening, not that I was going to watch, I was getting ready to turn on the computer and start my evening of Filmstalker work, however there was no Coronation Street.

Instead Scottish viewers are being treated to an old episode of Lewis, a programme we’ve seen before, twice if I remember rightly.

My wife checked out an online TV guide, just to make sure, but accidentally pulled up ITV London, the culprit was right in front of her, England are playing football live on television.

Wait a minute though, so are Scotland, they’re playing tonight so why isn’t that match on for us?

So while England gets to watch their team playing football, Scotland have to listen to the radio to hear their team play and they get repeated repeats in place of the regular, very popular soap.

Now that’s rubbish.

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  1. Patrick Reply

    Not sure that it is down to ITV there… It would depend to whom the SFA (oh such a great acronym!) sold the rights. It might be that STV/Grampian didn’t want to pay as much as they should – or it might be that the SFA was simply too greedy. As they were when it was first mooted that Argentina would play a friendly – and the SFA set a record ticket price (and got no sales!).

    I have no idea who (if anyone) was screening the Scotland/Argentina match, though I would guess it was Setanta.

  2. weblog.brunton.org.uk Reply

    You miss the point Patrick, a repeated repeat of an old show for Scotland instead of the major SOAP because England were watching football is still just as bad.

    Oh, and ITV could have bought the game and showed it, they paid for the England one.

    Perhaps the SFA were being greedy, neither of us know if that is true, however they could have kept to the normal schedules here and caught up in England.

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