Running Training: Day One

This was a shock to us that the night before Saturday 27th of June, during some wine partaking, we decided just to go for it the next day, no planning, no organisation, just doing it. I looked out the marathon training plan that my mate Dave Morrow had sent me and we continued with the wine.

Come the morning, slightly dodgy heads, we leapt into action and headed down to the beach at Silverknowes.

The first week consists of three runs, run for one minute, walk for nonety seconds and repeat eight times. Sounded very easy, until we started.

My heart was pounding in my chest early on, something I find happens a lot with exercise for me, and we were surprisingly warm for such a chilly, foggy morning, and this was about the second repeat!

It actually became much easier, until the final two repeats where we really did start struggling, however we did it and made it back alive.

The problem really came with the next few days, the tightness meant that whenever we sat around for a while our legs would be aching when we stood up, and whenever I did that I looked like an old man…oh wait a minute I am!

Of course the forty minute power yoga session on Sunday morning didn’t help. Yup, we’re going all out for this training malarkey, I’m wondering how long this is going to last!

As part of this training I’m taking my Sony Ericsson X1 mobile phone along with me and using the GPS functionality to record our running.

This first training run was recording using the free software GPS Cycle Computer, a superb program that allows exporting of the recorded route through GPX or KML files which can then be viewed in Google Maps or uploaded to a website.

This time I uploaded the file to MapMyFitness, set-up my personal details, and here’s the first recorded workout:

More on the site in another post, particularly the way you can’t stop this huge padded area from appearing beneath the embedded map. For now, let’s just be glad we made it through day one.

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