The Quiet Period

For those that are still following my personal site thanks are due, thanks for continuing to follow me despite a long quiet period. There’s been a long time with nothing being written, but I’m hoping to start changing that and pick up the posting once again.

It’s been a tough time personally, although if you follow Filmstalker (the site, Twitter, or any social network I’m on) then you’ll be wondering why I haven’t been online here. Well, it’s pretty easy, I just haven’t wanted to write much about myself.

Last year my mother died after her fight with cancer. Through the months leading up to her death and the time afterwards I’ve not really had the desire to write much about myself or my own life and observations, although I have thrown myself into Filmstalker.

Filmstalker has proven a great distraction for me. I love the escapism of film anyway and during this time I think it’s fair to say I’ve wanted to escape just that little but more, and films have just provided that both in watching and in writing.

However it’s time to get moving onwards, and I’ve started more and more to feel the desire to write something on my own site about non-film related topics, and finally I think I’m ready to kick it off again.

It might be slow, a little sporadic, and I might have to find my way again, but I’m back and we’ll see where this takes my writing and the site.

Good to see you back too.

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