Running Training: Day Two

Well I had my second run the other evening, that’s Tuesday the 30th of June, and it was a lot easier. We actually ran from our house and discovered a short loop that comes right back to the front door which matches the first week’s training run almost perfectly.

We’ll see how it does for the second week, but we have plenty little side tracks to add onto it to make it a little longer, one’s even off road and over a big hill, not looking forward to that one.

So the run was pretty easy although very hot with the muggy weather we’re having. I was surprised that it was a lot easier than the first session, but that could have been down to the fact that we didn’t drink red wine the night before!

Saying that the first run was flat whereas this run was up and down and had a few hill sections so it should have been a little tougher. Perhaps the exercise is working already?

I certainly feel that my metabolism is up as remembering back to the days of training I would always sweat much easier than I used to, particularly overnight when I would sweat in my sleep – seriously, it’s damned annoying! – Well that’s back now as my core temperature and metabolism are way up and I’m definitely sweating in my sleep again.

Lovely topic.

Anyway, that’s day two, and for day two I tried another package, SportyPal. This has a range of applications for different phones and has a superb look and feel, not the cluttered mess of mapmyfitness, but a really nice clean and slick interface on both phone and web application.

The application on the phone has a lot more features and could allow you to do just about everything from the website on the phone, uploading it to the web allows you to store, compare and share the content.

More on that application later, unfortunately it has no embed function as yet (I just requested it), so no map for you to see. Anyway, since it was around my house I’m not going to show you it anyway!

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