Running Training: Day Three

Well that was the third run of the programme, week one is officially over, and it was a tough one, I can’t tell you how tough. Of course the night before was pizza and red wine, again not the best before a run, and add into that the fact that we got up at eight in the morning after an interrupted night of sleep with bad dreams for my wife and a late night reading for me.

You can see we weren’t doing ourselves any favours. We took the same route as the last run as it’s just outside our front door, hence why I’m not embedding the route here. Oh, and the good news is I’ve found a service to stick with online, it’s superb.

Although we did the same route as last time the stats were slightly different, let’s have a look.

Second Run (First around our short house route)

Distance: 3.01 km

TotalTime: 00:24:02

AvarageSpeed: 7.50 km/h

CaloriesBurnt: 324 cal

Best(500 m): 9.43 km/h

Max Speed: 17.60 km/h

Max Pace: 03:24 min/km

Average Pace: 08:00 min/km

Third Run (Second around our short house route)

Distance: 2.95 km

TotalTime: 00:25:30

AvarageSpeed: 6.94 km/h

CaloriesBurnt: 318 cal

Best(500 m): 8.53 km/h

Max Speed: 12.06 km/h

Max Pace: 04:58 min/km

Average Pace: 08:38 min/km

Of course the GPS in the phone is far from perfectly accurate, and even had us stopping well before we actually did on our cool down walk, but that’s the phone.

So you can see today’s run was a little shorter (don’t believe that since it was the same route) but took longer and burned less with a slower speed, the wine and pizza I imagine. Plsy there’s something serious to note, this was a first thing run whereas the previous was an evening.

I think, so far, this has been the toughest run. I’m not feeling particularly good about it and I could really do with a lie down now, although breakfast has helped.

Next week we begin on the next stage of our running. I’ll see what Dave has in store for us come Monday or Tuesday, since we’re at a wedding on Sunday.

Oh, and I tracked this using SportyPal. Again I won’t be showing you the route since it’s from my home, but after my last run with the program I contacted the makers and gave them a list of suggestions. Since then they’ve implemented three which they had already been working on, and now I can embed my routes, share them across social media networks, and export the GPX file.

I’ve fired off some more suggestions and I think I’m sticking with these guys. There are some more features to try out, but it’s looking really good. The only real issue just now is the fact that the software isn’t recording my altitude, I’m sure that will be fixed in time.

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