Running Training: Day Four

Day four of the running training meant stepping up a notch on the training calendar that Mr. Morrow had given us, damn him for getting us into this malarkey. We went out on Saturday morning, not the best of choices since my wife had drunk the best part of a bottle of wine and I’d had about four pints of Guinness…the night before I hasten to add, not for breakfast!

Still we attempted the run and we had to now up the ante to two minutes running with one minute walking repeat times seven. So that meant a longer course and because of the route around where we live, a steep climb to finish on.

Oh boy this one was tough. My wife did have to stop during three of the runs really struggling with a throbbing head and a desire to vomit. I think I’ve proven that the Guinness is much better for you as I managed to stave all similar feelings and keep going to the bitter end. That last hill climb was a little bit tough though.

Here are the statistics as gathered by SportPal.

Distance: 3.60 km

TotalTime: 00:31:37

Average Speed: 6.84 km/h

Calories: 388 cal

Start time: 11:36:43

End time: 12:08:20

Best(500 m): 8.44 km/h

Max Speed: 17.09 km/h

Max Pace: 03:30 min/km

Average Pace: 08:46 min/km

That’s not so bad, and I have to admit to finding it hard, but I was surprised that I could manage the longer two minutes. We have three more sessions to go (we ducked out of tonight’s run) and then we’re going up a level again. Let’s not wish away the enjoyment though!

If we keep this up then we’re going to have to get proper running shoes, for now though we’re sticking with the programme and just seeing if we’re definitely going to take it further.

I never really knew I was going to enjoy running so much.

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