Task/Issue Management for groups: Colabolo

Colabolo is a collaborative team management tool for tasks and issues, a simple project management tool that isn’t dependant on a certain desktop (almost!) as it runs on Adobe Air.

It looks an interesting tool to bring teams together who are working on a project and just need a simple task manager. Although I do like the more complex collaborative team management systems, this does look like a simple to use and nicely put together application.

Here’s a quote from the website about what it can do, just an extract from the overview and sales speak:

…efficiently assign, track and resolve task assignments, business issues, sales leads, approval requests, document reviews, support requests, defects or any other collaborative task that requires a coordinated team effort…

Some of the features are:

  • Manage your tasks as simply as you do email
  • Receive all updates at the built-in Inbox. Not via email
  • Integrate with email account to interact with your customers
  • Organize your issues by type, status, assignee, priority
  • Filter issues by type, status or assignee
  • Discuss with your colleagues using real-time commenting
  • Drag and drop files to share them
  • Receive push notifications to your dock – You don’t have to go check them
  • Customize the issue workflow to match your business process
  • See the task/schedule list as a project plan with live updates
  • Review progress of the project and tasks through the customisable, individual dashboard
  • Mobile versions are coming, iPhone is here now

Colabolo looks an interesting and powerful small tool for managing projects across a wider group.

While I’d like to look into it at my work the very fact that it needs a desktop install is a barrier. I might try using it for work outside of my day job and Filmstalker – I use Toodledo for my own task management – as I’ll be working with one or two clients.

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