Condition Improving

It’s amazing, last night I listened to my valve working. It clicks and it’s audible. It’s the first time I’ve been able to hear it.

There are lots of other things happening, my physios were through to test me today, the doctor’s rounds were positive, and I’m feeling more mobile.

Still, some things are still a concern and aren’t happening.

Let’s talk about the good news first. My heart rate has lowered. It was sitting at anything up to 124bpm, and it was irregular too. Now it’s relaxed somewhat, become more regular, and I’m on some new medication to drop it a little more.

I had a fitness test this morning and walked up the stairs without issue. In fact my heart rate before was 81 and after was 83. That was excellent news, and it was low despite a lovely young Polish lady helping me out – my dad would have been very excited by her help!

I was in the shower myself again this morning and shaved as well as showered standing up. I know that might sound silly to most but to me, sporting this chest wound, that’s a huge leap forward.

My INR levels are doing well, yesterday they were at 1.7 and the home target is 2.5, INR levels are basically the blood clotting levels which Warfarin keeps at bay to ensure the blood doesn’t clot around the mechanical valve.

Today the doctor has revealed that I’m at 2.6, and that’s superb news. So now the up and downs begin to try and fix the dose I’m getting against the level of return. My dose for this evening has dropped and it should be up to the GP to adjust and decide on from here on out.

Everything else is looking good and my general alertness levels are definitely up. I didn’t sleep very well last night but I suspect that’s because all the drugs are coming out of me and I’m being kept awake by strangers going to the toilet, coughing and fidgeting. Of course the ward alarms and noises are pretty crazy too, they keep going off and can seem to go on for ages.

Some of the nurses think I’m not doing surprisingly well, after all I’m 44, I should be recovering fast they say! I tell you the lip that you get here is very funny and genuinely motivational.

The nurses, and I’ll say it again when I write my final hospital entry, are fantastic. Of course the doctors are too, but the nurses keep everything going, not only around us but they keep us going too. They also keep each other going too, that’s very obvious.

So there are improvements all round and positive steps forward. I’m hoping to be home on Sunday, but there are still some ifs and buts.

Talking of one of the buts keeping me from going home, a number two. Seems they are really keen on us having regular bowl movements before we leave, so this morning I’ve had a double dose of laxatives and a decent sized lunch. I’m sure somethings going to come, it just hasn’t yet. Fingers crossed, legs not!

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