Not a Prolapse, a Relapse

It was almost too good to be true. I was progressing well, heading towards a Sunday home run (not that kind of run) and then I hit a relapse.

Apparently an irregular heart beat is extremely common, it just doesn’t feel this way. It might also have been avoided had there not been a mix up in drugs, but no matter.

Currently I’m sweating constantly and my heart is beating out of my chest, something that started happening yesterday evening. It wouldn’t be so bad but it’s beating against a very sore chest area that has already been cut open, and that can cause some discomfort. So I ended up on some strong pain killers.

It started happening while I was having my tea, first full tea, and right in the middle my heart started to speed up age fire off randomly and that caused the sweating. Now I’ve had this before while exercising but, as I said, this was with the added extra of the chest pain and post operation, not the best circumstances.

I held on a long as I could but when panic took hold I had to call the nurse. I was pretty much left alone and it was only later I was told this was a common occurrence and nothing to get overly exited about. That said, the whole point of this operation was to lower the work rate on my heart and extend my life.

Overnight I’ve been on an Alba drip and some more drugs, which clearly haven’t worked as my heart is still palpitating like crazy. Now I’ll wait for whatever discussions to happenĀ  with whatever people, whenever they come in, and someone to make a decision about what drug to put me on next.

Hopefully it’s soon. Strangely I was being put on a beta blocker yesterday but another doctor removed that when I wasn’t showing signs of any symptoms requiring them. Turns out that would have been a good drug for the job but then I wasn’t showing symptoms then.

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