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I’m always looking at the recommended or editor’s picks apps in the Android store, just looking for something new, something fun, something useful. Now and again an app comes along that fits one of those somethings, or a few of them. One of those is Too Good to be True.

The premise of the app is simple. To stop food waste. It allows companies to sell their excess food to app owners for reduced rates. What that means is that if a company knows they’re going to have x amount of sandwiches left over, or they offer a breakfast buffet and are likely to have some left over, you can order a buffet box to pick up, all for a reduced price.

What a simple idea. It means that companies who usually threw things out into the bin can now sell them and get their money back, while consumers get a bit of a bargain.

I thought that the idea sounded too good to be true and would be one of these apps that promises local benefits, then when you actually look at them, they’re all in London, or worse these days, in another country. Not so.

Too Good to Go App UK Coverage

I checked out some of the deals in Edinburgh and I was pleasantly surprised. There aren’t tons, but there are a few good ones. As I said there are some hotels offering the left over breakfast in a box. Bonnie Burrito, a burrito company with their evening leftovers. Yo-Yo Sushi selling their sushi off at the end of the evening. It’s not only a great idea, but a great marketing ploy for the companies involved. That’s exactly what they say in the blurb for the app:

“We help restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets etc. reduce their daily food waste. With prices from £2 – £4 you are guaranteed a bargain – and better yet, you’re helping save the environment. A family of food waste warriors is awaiting you”

It’s not just about that though, it’s about stopping the waste:

“Each year, one-third of all food produced worldwide is thrown away. At Too Good To Go we want to put an end to food waste by creating a world where food produced is food consumed.”

It’s simple to use as well. Once you sign-up you search your local area, find the deals, pick one and buy it, then just go and collect it at the allotted time. Simple. Plus you get that bargain, get some money back to the company, and save the waste. Wins all round.

I’ll update the review once I’ve bought a few things, but the functionality of buying seems to be well thought through. They haven’t just come up with the idea and gone for it.

You can get the app from Too Good to Go on Google Play store, Too Good to Go on Apple’s iTunes store, or you can check the official website for the service, Too Good to Go site. I’d highly recommend it because you get cheaper grub, it might open your eyes to trying something new, you’ll help companies recover something on what they would normally be wasting, and above all you’ll be saving food waste.

Surely that’s reason enough to give it a go?

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