Moon and Bench Photography

My friends and I have started a wee, well competition I guess you’d call it, except there are no prizes or winners, it’s just something to push us all forward. We’ve started a Photo a Day for the month of October.

When you’re working from home and long hours it gets tricky, either I’m grabbing a shot on a dog walk, or I’m trying something new with macro photography in the house. In fact one of my quick, in the house shots, trended on Flickr, got picked up on their photo wall, and hit over nine thousand views.

I find that strange because it was the photo I’d be least likely to take in normal circumstances, it’s just that I was pushed by this photo a day and had to get the shot.

Today I ended up with lots of shots. An early dog walk in the woods gave me a number of bench shots I quite liked, all on the mobile, all edited on Google Photo’s in app editor and a bit of Flickr clean-up.

Then, just when I least expected it, I was told to look outside. There was the moon low and looming in the sky. It looked glorious. I looked up some settings, prepped the DSLR, grabbed the tripod and hit the field.

I’m really pleased with the shots I got from both sources and for various different reasons. While I think I will do a summary of the October Photo a Day both from my perspective and the whole group, I can’t resist putting up some of my favourite from today.

Here are some of the bench photos.
Overgrown Bench

Overgrown Bench by the Path

Forest Bench

Bench by the Trees

Out of that bunch that were all taken with the Google Pixel, I really like that last one. I couldn’t quite capture what I wanted with the overgrown bench, although I thought that would turn out to be the better of the bunch. That’s probably because I had a large Labrador strapped to my arm who was pulling me along! There’s just something about that last photo. Maybe it’s the slight isolation of the bench, I don’t know.

Then there were the later moon shots, just opportunistic and hurriedly taken as the DSLR ran out of battery.

Moon Close Up Behind Tree

Moon Close Up

Moon Close Up 2

Moon Super Close Up

Moon Super Close Up 2

Flowing Clouds over the Moon

Moon Close Up 3

I loved taking these shots, experimenting with aperture and shutter. Problem was I was so intently playing around I ran out of battery, so I was limited with the number of shots I took. In the end I liked the last two the most. The second last one was the accidental shot that turned the clouds all misty, and the final shot of the moon just felt like the best of the bunch. That final shot was my photo of the day.

With this little friendly competition I find I’m looking for photos everywhere, in everything. While I’m nowhere near as talented as some of my friends – like the amazing offwhite_photo – I do find that some days I feel I’m taking better shots than when I started.

Come the end of this month I’ll post my favourite from the competition and a gallery of all the photos I took, one for my photos and one for the group. Just to see what you think are your favourites from the month. It might be hard to beat tonight’s.

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