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Being Home

I’ve been home for sixteen days now and I keep kicking myself, metaphorically of course since I can’t actually do it for real, especially not with my mobility issues! Five days after open heart surgery, after having my sternum sawed apart and my heart cut open, I was at home. So after being home for

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Returning Home

I’m home, and it was a bit of a surprise that it happened. What’s really odd about it all is that to the patient there doesn’t seem to be a process for agreeing the final day, it just sort of all comes together. It did for me on Sunday morning and although it took a

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Condition Improving

It’s amazing, last night I listened to my valve working. It clicks and it’s audible. It’s the first time I’ve been able to hear it. There are lots of other things happening, my physios were through to test me today, the doctor’s rounds were positive, and I’m feeling more mobile. Still, some things are still

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Leaving Work and More Low Blows

You’ll remember I previously wrote about the Sucker Punch feeling, when I’m happily going on with normal life without a thought of the operation to come and something will happen to suddenly snap me back to reality, like a sucker punch. Well the biggest one I’ve had so far has happened and it wasn’t anything to do with the hospital, it was leaving work.

Work has been, by far, the best distraction from waiting for the hospital to call and the surgery to come round. It’s especially been distracting because of a major project I’ve been involved with starting, something I’m not going to get the chance to see through. So the last day certainly came with a bang.

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The Sucker Punches

It’s been a funny feeling dealing with everyday life while the journey towards the operation continues on and I’ve come to realise what it feels like. It’s as though every now and again, just when I’ve settled back into the daily swing of my life, someone comes right up to me and swings a massive

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The Call and the Aftermath

I know there’s a huge event happening in my life next week, something incredibly big and quite dangerous, but also hugely positive and something that will have a fantastic impact on my life.

Yet I still don’t feel the full force of that impact from Wednesday, just a day ago, and I’m not sure I will until afterwards.

Yesterday, I received a phone call, the phone call, the one that means I’m being invited into the hospital for open heart surgery, and I accepted.

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