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Cadbury’s advertising company out of ideas?

When the two new Cadbury’s adverts first appeared they caused a stir because they were utterly fantastic. The gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins and the airport vehicles getting pimped up and racing each other in the middle of the night on the runway to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, both were crazy ideas that worked wonderfully.

However now they’ve re-released them with exactly the same footage just different musical tracks, and suddenly the originals have been cheapened and you realise there is nothing more to this campaign.

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Honda adverts make you feel something

The Honda adverts are something special. Whoever they have as their creative company, they should sign a lifetime deal with them, and make sure they keep those intelligent people on the payroll. Or rather they should keep the deal as long as Garrison Keillor is alive.

His voice brings a warmth and feeling of hope and that everything’s going to be alright. There’s always a strong emotional feeling connected with each of the adverts, even those before Keillor was brought on board, and they all target different audiences and yet appeal to so many.

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Boots – ‘Tis the Season to be gorgeous

There’s something that tickles me about the new Xmas adverts for Boots that have been running for a little while on our televisions, ‘Tis the season to be gorgeous.

These are the ones are there’s a stunning looking model doing the most typical of Xmas tasks, but she has a gorgeous dress on, wonderful hair and make up and she’s catwalking it up like mad.

My favourites are the model in the bath peeling brussel sprouts, she has such an indignant look on her face, the model with the huge hair, nose in the air, carrying the baby and dragging an Xmas tree down the street behind her, or the really sexy one of the vampish model stuffing the turkey, a few close shots of her giving sexy looks to the camera and her hand rams right up there, then she stares at you menacingly.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can see the complete run through of all the adverts over the page without having to turn on the TV…

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Irn Bru Xmas advert: The Snowman

I see a lot of adverts. I watch loads of films through Filmstalker, and see loads of television as I either write or watch more movies. So I end up seeing a lot of adverts, and some of them are really interesting, some are mini films, and some are just awful…well most are.

Yet there are some gems out there, after all some of our best film talents came from the advertisement world, the Scott brothers did. One of the gems we just saw tonight for the first time ever, from a company who are well renowned for giving us superb adverts. Irn Bru.

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