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Scared of employees blogging? Try using them.

What do you do when your employees are blogging? What, you think they aren’t? Even if you don’t have technical people in your employ the chances are that some of them are blogging. Maybe not under their name, perhaps under a pseudonym, and maybe not about your company, but then again, maybe they are.

They might not be blogging solely about your organisation, but you can be sure that one of them has writing something about their working life, and mentioning your company, or perhaps even you.

So what do you do? Punish and threaten them to stop? Leave them be? No, there’s a much better idea and something that will benefit everyone concerned, including your organisation.

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Employ bloggers, don’t kill them

While the learners, users and customers of companies are becoming more curious, more engaged and more vocal, the companies themselves are clinging to their strict and outdated policies, rules and control.

They are in danger of, and already are, losing employees and customers who could be benefiting their organisation. While they try to control and restrict these people, they are fostering negative groups and holding themselves back.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. This year things have been a bit sporadic on this site, mainly because I’ve been doing so much on Filmstalker, and in 2008 that doesn’t look set to change, in fact things look set to get busier.

Not only is there Filmstalker to do, but I’m getting married in five months, there’s a honeymoon, and I might well be involved in another site start-up as well as doing some more writing on another site.

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Solicitors attack site and freedom of speech

I was reading an article the other day about blog owners and the liability of comments made on their blog. The story looked at some cases where companies had threatened to, and actually begun legal proceedings to, sue the individual blog owner for comments that other people had made to their blogs.

Little did I know that days later I would be facing legal action from a large company for comments other people had made on my blog, and that it would go so far to infringe on freedom of speech.

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Upgrading to MovableType 4

I’m back. I’ve neglected my own blog for too long, so I decided to return to it and give it a little revamp, starting with MovableType 4.

One of my friends had already done it and he didn’t have many problems, so I thought I would give it a go, and I have to say the installation and upgrade was dead easy. However if you to take advantage of many of the new and powerful features of MT4, then you’re in trouble.

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Lost Emails

Quick plea here, and my apologies, I’ve just had a wee accident with my email and lost a few. Anything sent to either my personal or Filmstalker email accounts between approximately Friday 23:00 and Saturday 10:00 (GMT/UTC) has been lost. I was trying to alter some settings for remote mail pickup and inadvertantly chose the

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Sites stealing content

What do you do when other sites are picking up your content and they aren’t even giving you credit? Just a simple source or via link?

It’s something that is really clear cut if a site is copying your entire article, because it’s provable then, they have all your words, but what if you broke a story to the Internet and very soon afterwards another site has the same story, reworded, with no source reference, and they couldn’t have found it anywhere else other than your source, and they haven’t even credited that.

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Working on Filmstalker

That’s my life at the moment. When I’m not working, I’m living and breathing Filmstalker, and do you know what? I’m loving it.

This weekend I just survived Dead by Dawn, the Horror Film Festival in Edinburgh that is running into its thirteenth year, and doing superbly well as it happens. I spent ages there, all night in fact on one day, and many hours the rest of the weekend. You can read all about the first two days over at Filmstalker.

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Arrogance on the Internet: Crediting sources, self promotion and respect

I’m angry at a number of specific people as well as a genre, shall we say, of Internet users for the continuing arrogance and abuse of content, authors rights, and people in general. It seems that with the use of the Internet something is forgotten, common decency, respect, the following of conventions, rules and even laws set in the real world.

There are three things that are particularly highlighted when writing on the Internet.

  • Crediting sources when writing content found from or through another site
  • Self promotion through commenting on other peoples sites
  • Common decency and respect when participating in Internet discussions

First up is the practice of people writing stories on their sites and not properly crediting the sources through which the original content was found, or not providing any credit at all. This is particularly annoying when you’re the one who had the story early on your site, and is something that’s really sprung to life since I started my own site Filmstalker.

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