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Redesign is done!

It’s done! I’ve just finished the changes to the site, and I’m pretty chuffed with it. I think there will be tweaks and such as I go along, but for the most part it’s looking good and I do feel it doesn’t look like most of the other sites out there. Now, back to getting

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Site redesign

I’ve been thinking on doing this for some time now, and it’s going to be my first official redesign since I built the site and learnt HTML on the way! I started off with a test blog and playing around with the settings there, but I’ve realised I needed to start pulling across all the

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Movie Blog downtime

Bad news, The Movie Blog is down again. The hosting company – I use that term loosely – has suspended the account due to overuse of Server processing time. It seems that our comments.cgi script was eating away at their system. So they’ve brought us offline again and John has been galvanised into moving to

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