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PlayStation 4 Audio Problems and Inadequate Sony Support

Recently I noticed a problem with my PlayStation 4. When watching a Blu-ray with one of the new audio formats (DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD) it would only play in stereo. Play a game, stream something, or watch a DVD or Blu-ray with an audio track of Dolby Digital or DTS and they played

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Business or process change? Tell your customer!

Before I moved jobs I was going through a large piece of work on Learning Management Migration, specifically around content, and I became very aware of the importance of involving the teams who will be using the new LMS in the testing and verification of the system. Not only does it allow them to understand what it is capable of, what they need to do with the new system, and how to change their processes, but it tells them something is changing.

So I’m very aware when a process change occurs the customer should at least know about it.

It seems the hospital where I attend a yearly clinic at is most definitely not.

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Scottish Hydro Electric leave 69 year old with no heating or hot water for ten days

Now straight away I’m going to say that this is a recount of the story that has happened to my father which he told me over the phone last night, a fuller account will come as he calms down from the stress and me from the anger, for this is a disgraceful situation for Scottish Hydro Electric and either reeks of extreme incompetence or a deliberate attempt to exploit a sixty-nine year old man living by himself. It sounds like one of these rip-off stories you hear on programmes like Watchdog, where a small company bullies old people into giving them large amounts of cash for work that just doesn’t need to be done. It’s almost as if my father is being held to ransom. Let me recount the story, and I’m sure my father will add more detail or correct me through the comments or by email.

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Where are your customers?

It amazes me that in this day and age companies don’t want to engage their customers on the Internet, despite the fact that this is where a vast majority of them are and where they are actively discussing companies and their products.

They place all their efforts in two key areas, shouting loudly at them while keeping their fingers in their ears through advertising, and manipulating them, telling then what they think they want to hear through their front line sales. Then they sit back and wait for them to call if they get stuck with anything, and usually farm that process out to another company.

Meanwhile customers both current and potential are on the Internet with growing numbers and frequency talking about the company, their products and reviewing them to their friends, family and whoever else is listening.

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Companies, customers and internet contacts

Companies need customers, customers buy their product, hand over money, and that money goes to pay the wages of the people working for it and make the company bigger and bigger. More than just getting the customers they have to retain them, that’s a key to growing a company, that’s what you see every major company from superstore to bank trying to do, keep the customers they have.

To retain them they need to do something really important, and that’s address any problems or questions they have with the company as soon as they have them and make sure they don’t arise again. How do they do that? They keep in touch with them, they open channels of communication with them and give them the means to contact them.

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British Airways and Terminal 5

We were concerned before we flew off on our honeymoon that we would be flying out of the new Terminal 5 in London’s Heathrow airport – you know the one with the huge complaints of delays and lost/delayed luggage that had once again shown just how poorly we British can build and implement things.

However the reality was far from our expectations built from the media coverage, and in fact I wondered if we were indeed in Terminal 5 at all.

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O2 Broadband fails to deliver or support

Since I’ve moved to O2 Broadband on the 30th of October I’ve had nothing but problems, and I’ve struggling trying to get an uninterrupted connection to the Internet.

Honestly I can’t remember how many times I’ve called their support, but I’ll try and talk you through what’s happened and update things as and when they happen. Here’s a rundown of the problems that I’ve been experiencing with the service.

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Demon Internet argues to retain customer

I was with Demon Internet for something around seven years, over three years at the current address. In that time there’s never been more than two or three periods of downtime, and they’ve been rectified quickly.

Of course they are over the market price consistently, but you get a good uptime. However I was getting tired of paying over the odds and particularly tired of talking to foreign call centre staff. So I moved, and that showed the worst of Demon.

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