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Project Management, modern day: Open Atrium

Open Atrium is a project management tool that is built around collaboration of project teams and brings together the power of Blogs, Wikis, Messaging, Calendar and collaborative systems all in one. While there are some systems out there already, this is attractive as it’s stylish, new and open source. Oh and I’ve just started writing about business tools!

I’ve talked to many people in business about the modern view of intranets and how some organisations are running their entire intranet and all their projects this way, and I’ve done a series on this very blog about it, but the tools are just becoming widely available.

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Task/Issue Management for groups: Colabolo

Colabolo is a collaborative team management tool for tasks and issues, a simple project management tool that isn’t dependant on a certain desktop (almost!) as it runs on Adobe Air.

It looks an interesting tool to bring teams together who are working on a project and just need a simple task manager. Although I do like the more complex collaborative team management systems, this does look like a simple to use and nicely put together application.

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