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Formula 1 pretends to be green

I had to laugh, although I’ve been avoiding Formula 1 after I’ve just lost all hope of fairness in the sport after years of McLaren bashing and Ferrari winning, I’ve heard the news about the attempts at the Japanese Grand Prix to focus the minds of the fans on the environment.

In order to highlight the problem the tyre manufacturer painted the grooves in the tyres green.

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BBFC clear Eastern Promises uncut

I find this incredible. The BBFC are coming under fire for releasing the David Cronenberg film Eastern Promises uncut, despite the high level of violence.

Now my issue is not with the fact that they are releasing it uncut, I’m actually pleased they are, mine is with their inconsistency. The fact that on one hand they are releasing this violent film and on the other banning the videogame Manhunt 2 from being released seems utterly ridiculous., especially considering the violence involved in the film.

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The X-Factor ruined by Walsh?

I am really not a fan of reality shows, but one does get me hooked every time it’s on, and that’s The X Factor. Usually though I lose interest after the auditions are out of the way, because frankly I love seeing some of the complete nutters on the early stages.

This year however, I’ve been hooked by the fact that they’ve found some genuine talent. Yet something is really beginning to tarnish it all for me and detract from what it’s all about, finding new talent. Simon Cowell and most especially, Louis Walsh

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Clarkson and the Top Gear Car Survey

I used to think that Jeremy Clarkson was a thoroughly objectionable person. He didn’t seem to care about anything other than some seriously horrible cars, and for little else. Even when his co-presenters joined the show it seemed he hated them too and deliberately would go out of his way to belittle, abuse and anger them.

Then things started to change, it seems he’s mellowed and last night a huge turning point was reached. I’m agreeing with him.

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Music video remixes…by “normal” people

I wasn’t going to post anything about these at all as the videos are all over the place and people are fast finding out about them. Just by adding a link to them I’m contributing to their viral nature and increasing their hype and exposure.

Except you know what? They’re really quite funny, and strangely compelling. So feel free to click through, make sure you have audio though.

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Figured out Lost?

Just yesterday, as we sat and watched Lost a flash of inspiration came to me. I think I’ve figured it out. My girlfriend asked what I thought, and she asked a lot, so I told her. Surprisingly she agreed, and after the episode finished we were both really convinced. I’m not going to give it

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UK television dumbing down?

What’s happening to the intelligence and\or attention span of the UK television viewer? Are we becoming just like the US viewers, in that we’re either watching a few minutes of any show, or forget what’s happened during the advert breaks?

The reason I ask is that more and more shows are starting to do the five minute recap, so after an advert break, or at the worst case after something new happens, we are subjected to a bullet point list of what’s happened since the show started. This get’s totally infuriating come the last ten minutes of a one hour show, and you listen to the twelfth voiceover recap, slightly reworded from the previous eleven.

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