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An Inconvenient Truth

During the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year I was lucky enough to see the documentary An Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore, the rightful President of the United States of America. I was shocked and moved to tears, not at Gore being pushed out of the Presidential elections, but at the harsh reality portrayed in the documentary.

No conspiracy theories here, there’s facts and undisputed figures, the shocking truth that we’re on the brink of self destruction and the fact that the US are doing everything they can to refute these facts.

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EIFF Day Ten, Screenings Four

What’s on today then? Shoot the Messenger, H6 Diary of an Assassin, The Killing of John Lennon and Sundays in August. A fair mixture indeed and no more than a half hour between showings. It’s interesting that going through the festival I’ve come up with so many suggestions on how to make it better, and

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EIFF Day Nine, Screenings Four

Another early start and a day of four films at the EIFF, with the final ending about 21:30. There’s a continual feeling of tiredness that’s just hanging around, and I’m yawning within a few minutes of getting up, but it is enjoyable, I’m seeing some great movies, and not so many bad ones. I think

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EIFF Day Eight, Screenings Three

Well I had hoped for a lot of rest last night but my fiancee and her bridesmaid-to-be had been out celebrating all day so that foiled plans of getting a restful early night! There was a big event party last night with a bunch of celebraties and a host of press and other non-important guests.

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EIFF Day Seven, Screenings One

Well I was supposed to go and see four films today starting about 09:45, but unfortunately an early morning finish from writing and an early start to get more done resulted in a splitting migraine. For those of you who aren’t migraine sufferers they can be intense, and I ended up with these horrible brightly

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EIFF Day Six, Screenings Four

It’s an early start again, and four movies today. Between two films this afternoon I have an eight minute gap, luckily also just a one screen walk! Well I made it. Three films so far and that dash between screens was easy enough. There’s just time to do a little writing before the Isreali film,

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EIFF Day three, Screenings two

So the third day begins. This morning I had some time before my first screening to get some writing done, unfortunately I used it to write up some news stories instead of doing the review, so I’m a bit behind. Hopefully the gap this afternoon will help me get out another. This evening is a

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EIFF Day Two, Screenings Three

Early start this morning and my fiancée had things well planned with packed lunch ingredients galore. I made myself something and scouted the news stories to pass onto my trusty stand in Louise. After breakfast it was the 08:08 bus into town for the first showing.

Sitting in the lovely Filmhouse Screen 1, a screen that you need to visit just as much as Cameo Screen 1, I’m contemplating how the hell I’m going to get through all these movies. Already I’ve seen four and reviewed one, although the quick reviews are online for all to see on the EIFF page.

Still. I’ll keep going as long as I can, and even if the full reviews take some time to get going the quick reviews will give you an idea if they are worth seeing this year.

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EIFF Day One, Screenings Four

It all started a lot better than yesterday’s fiasco, with the arrival at the Press Office bang on 08:30 and finding them already open and waiting. My information and pack were obtained within seconds by a group of ladies who were quite nervous, perhaps they thought I was someone important! The pack was good this

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